Misconceptions Surrounding Schizophrenia Essay

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Misconceptions Surrounding Schizophrenia Beecher (2009) states that a medical model perspective has dominated throughout the mental health practice. The medical model also known as the (biomedical model), impacts the course of treatment available to individuals with schizophrenia (Beecher, 2009). The literature shows that the perception of schizophrenia has commonly been informed from a medical model paradigm (Beresford, 2005; Lightburn, 2005), which views schizophrenia as a disorder of the brain in the central nervous system which can be fixed through pharmacological and physical treatment (Beecher, 2009). The medical model of schizophrenia arose as the reaction to historical notions that individuals with a mental illness were possessed, mad and at fault for their illnesses (Beecher, 2009). The medical model has also been criticized for being too limited and too problem focused and simplistic and not accounting for a person’s external environment (Ashford et al., 2006; Sayce, 2000 as cited by Beecher, 2009). Many individuals exhibit false misconceptions and hold relativity little knowledge about people living with a mental illness (Bell et al. 2006; Mason & Miller 2006). Many of these misconceptions are constructed amongst health care professionals and the …show more content…

Theories about why misconceptions in the mental health community exist involve multiple factors of complex interactions. The 2007 Mental Health Commission of Canada concluded that the widespread belief about the misconceptions of schizophrenia stems from the repeated exposure to misinformation provided by the mass media. This reinforces negative perceptions of any condition that deviates from what society considers normal which may become a target of

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