Misconstrued Time in Ferdi Riskiyanto´s Advertisment

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Time has overtaken the minds of society today in a multitude of ways. Daily tasks such as visiting family members, attending meetings, and paying bills all incorporate the substantial importance in tracking every second of a person’s life. In addition to scheduling, time is often denoted as a system of counting down until an indefinite end occurs. In an advertisement by Ferdi Rizkiyanto, a digital artist, an hourglass is used to represent time before the fate of humans concludes due to global warming. Within the hourglass, sand has been replaced by the water of melting icebergs, and the droplets trickle into the lower level containing the homes of modern day society. The global warming hourglass ad attempts to emphasize the importance of immediately solving earth’s impending environmental problems by appealing to the emotions of fear and pity, but the awaiting disaster used in the visual is ineffective because it will not occur during the audience’s lifetime. In this advertisement by Ferdi, the world is placed within the lower chamber of an hourglass. All of society continues to follow their daily routines, and nothing seems out of the ordinary. However, far above their heads, the polar ices caps are slowly melting. Many artic animals lose their homes and become stranded due to this issue. As the ice melts, it slowly filters into the earth-bearing chamber, eventually causing the entire population to be flooded in a problem that could have been slowed, if not stopped

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