Misdirection and Disorientation Essay

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MISDIRECTION AND DISORIENTATION: A LASTING FIRST IMPRESSION April 21, 2015 Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism Management Master of Business Administration Table of Contents Introduction 5 1. Case Study 6 1.1 Identified Problems 6 2. Analysis of Key Factors 9 2.1 Lack of Experience 9 2.2 Human Resource 9 2.2 Poor Management 10 3. Conclusion and Recommendations 11 3.1 Engagement / Internal Communication 11 3.2 Management Training 12 3.3 HR Procedures 12 References 13 Introduction Tourism today is as a distinct field of activity, with a more active presence in social and economic life evolving rhythms of the highest. Generator of profound transformations in social dynamics, tourism has also stated…show more content…
Due to Carlos’ lack of experience he was not able to offer optimal service to live up to the high quality standards of the resorts as well as the expectations of the customers. Candice Candice lacked planning and time management. Firstly, Candice was not prepared for the first day of Carlos. In fact, she was not even aware that someone new was starting on that day. This is due to the lack of internal communication within the organization where HR did not inform Candice that Carlos would start his employment on that day. Secondly, Candice lacked in planning as she did not have someone scheduled as a back up if an employee called in sick which was the case on that day with Ryan. Candice also lacked people skills and was not compassionate at all with Carlos on his first day. She did not seem welcoming and was very unprofessional by being late and forgetting that a new employee will be starting on that day. Additionally, even-though she knew Carlos did not have the experience she still decided to make him ‘sink or swim’ on his first day. Additionally, Candice lacked delegation, during her absence no one is informed of what is going on. Without Candice the operations are on hold until she is back. It is also apparent that the management leads by intimidation. Although leading by intimidation can make the employees productive it can also demotivate them. An

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