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Mise-en-scene in Citizen Kane and Persona Mise-en-scene is the principle by which a piece of film will derive its meaning wholly from what happens in the single shot and not from the relationship between two shots. For example the director might include shots with various composition, angle, depth, movement, and lighting. Citizen Kane has many good examples to show Mise-on-scene usage. The scene that I believe is the most significant and powerful mise-en-scene that I have this seen this semester exists in this movie. This occurs when the parents of the young boy are speaking with a gentleman in the house. As the people are speaking we see the boy playing in the snow as we look into the background through the window. This scene…show more content…
The camera is moving many times as the three people who seem to be the focus of the scene are moving. However, the real point of the shot lies with the boy in the background which is never not in the shot. Another movie that had a great impact on me was Persona. There were many important scenes in this film, but there was one example of mise-en-scene that sticks out in my mind. This is the scene when the nurse is chasing the actress along the seashore. The actress is walking swiftly away from her along rocks, while the nurse is trying her hardest to catch up to her. This scene comes directly after the nurse yells at the mute actress and slaps her across the face. It seems the whole movie she is trying to be nice to this woman and the one time that she stands up to her, she runs away. The nurse is begging for forgiveness. This scene really proves how weak the nurse is emotionally and mentally. She is sobbing and in a state of hysteria and the actress still will not forgive her. This reveals a lot of the actress’s persona too. It shows that she does not really care much for the nurse, even though she is just trying to help her. The scene ends with the actress walking off and the nurse running in the opposite direction towards the water. She stumbles and cries and then the scene is over. This scene tells us, the audience a lot about the personality of both women not just in this scene but in their lives. The nurse is a caring woman

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