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The Miseducation of Children

Author Note This research is being submitted on July 5, 2012 for David Elkind’s EC110 Curriculum and Instruction course.

The Miseducation of Children
“If we do not wake to the potential danger of this harmful practices, we may be do serious damage to large segment of next generation” - By David Elkind
Across the country, many young children’s receiving structured instructions at an early age, can be harm psychologically and/or physically. When children’s dressed like adult they are more likely to behave like adults. When boy’s wear long pants can walk like a men and little girls in the tight jeans walk like a women. Sometimes I noticed these actions in my son too. I started kindergarten at the age
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Developmentally appropriate practice refers to applying child development knowledge in making thoughtful and appropriate decisions about early childhood program practices and miseducation in preschoolers. Developmentally appropriate practice “it’s not a curriculum; it’s not a rigid state of standards that dictate practice. Rather, it’s a framework, a philosophy or an approach to working with young children”. To translate knowledge into practical education for nurturing and educating children deciding questions when designing program curricula and formulating plans, how does this fit with what we know about children that is responsive to every child’s individuality?
The idea of developmentally appropriate practice is the curriculum should be match to the child’s level of mental ability. I think training program for teacher is where we are going to connect the miseducation of children to child development through developmentally appropriate practice. Trained teachers in this way, a teacher would be first and foremost a child development specialist. Students with strong foundation learn about curriculum assessment and management with what they know about, how children of various ages can think and learn? Implement a curriculum from a developmental point of view; curriculum should hold a great
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