Misinterpretation Of All For A Second Language

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Misinterpretation of All You Need to Learn another Language Is Motivation Although motivation is one of the variables to learn a second language saying that “all you need to learn another langue is motivation,” is a misconception. In Brown (2014, p. 158) states that motivation is one of the most powerful effective variables in accounting for the success or failure of any task. Brown (2014) also mentions other factors that play an important role in the second language acquisition are: self-esteem, risk taking, anxiety, empathy among others. Students who have high self-esteem believe in their capabilities of second language production. Therefore, speaking and writing improves faster than the students who low self-esteem. Successful second language learners also are willing to take risk. That may be one of the reasons children are better learning a second language. They are not afraid to make a wrong guess, but some adults are inhibited, they try so hard to protect their ego. Consequently, they do not practice speaking in the foreign language classroom. Anxiety in the low level or in the high level also affects the second language acquisition. In order to acquire a language it is necessary to be in stage of relaxation. Learners of the second language who have the ability to feel empathy for native speakers of the L2 they are learning will be able to establish a better communication with native speakers. As a result, their speaking skills will improve. Gass (2013) explains

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