Misleading Communication : Lying And Deception

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In this study we use the words deception and lie interchangeably as the lying & deception are kinds of misleading communication through any act, commission or omission by any person. It is some normal phenomena that at workplace employees used to lie with each other and such lies scales from everyday fibs to whoppers, and from benign to destructive (Goman, 2013). Lewis (2015) argued that “the notion of something being truthful implies that there also can exist falseness and lies. Our human experience confirms that lying, falsehood, and the masking of our inner selves exist as part of the social world in which we live” (p. 99). Since the organizations are “social entities that involve a struggle for resources, personal conflicts, and a variety of influence tactics executed by individuals and groups to obtain benefits and goals in different ways” (Molm, 1997, p. 68). Deceptive attitude beginning from deliberate obscurity of information to destructive lies are part of total picture of organizational culture and deceptive attitudes are also significant part of human life and important in relationships, in that it allow us to function and survive in the society. Employees need to be able and assertive to form partnership and strong relationship with their peers, managers or colleagues they interact and support in order to communicate and work with them in complex, multifarious and creative environment. Interpersonal relationships between employees appears to be fertile ground for
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