Misleading Labels On Food Products

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Nathan Honeycutt
Professor Reardon
28 November 2014
Misleading Labels
More and more consumers are becoming concerned with what they eat, especially when their food comes from a vague source and processed with unknown techniques. It makes it very difficult to try and regulate what goes into each and everyone’s bodies if the package labeling on food products does not perfectly reflect the nutritional value within. With food industries leaving out certain information, and/or not making it very visible, it can lead to increased public health problems including allergies and diabetes.
The Food and Drug Administration, FDA, at this moment has started increasing regulations for prepared foods, however, just a few years ago there were many vague laws that companies could slide past to get away with much more than is possible now. One of the reasons for this was because the FDA was more concerned about the certain health effects store bought foods placed upon people, instead of worrying about the mislabeling packaging itself. The FDA has since become aware of the fact that many companies can use tricky marketing to give consumers the false sense that their product is the best. This has led into an increase in regulation from the FDA towards companies that use mislabeling advertisements.
In1990, the FDA did make a labeling change for variety packs of food. Before this law was passed, most food companies would present one generic nutrition chart that was supposed to represent
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