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Eagle Tours Case Case Description Eagle Tours is a travel services marketing and development company. It organizes domestic and international trips and cruises for businesses and consumers. It competes by providing very knowledgeable and enthusiastic sales people, excellent tour guides and tour coordinators service at a competitive, but not the cheapest price. The Mall Stores and Marketing Eagle has 5 travel stores in large Malls in metro areas of the U.S. The mall stores are places where people can come to get brochures about vacation products and where they can buy vacation products. One of the challenges that Eagle had was that it was unable to attract young people to come in the mall stores and to buy products. How can it…show more content…
So, we are now losing customers because customers recognize that some of our part-time service employees do not know the vacation products.” The vacation products development manager also mentioned a different problem. “We really do not know what the customer is interested in or where they want to go in some cases. It would be great if we could know ahead of time about places that are interesting to customers, so we can be more focused on designing travel products based on this kind of input. Right now, we mostly look at trips that other travel agencies are offering and we copy trips that we think are working for them. We do not capture information about customer satisfaction at all. For example, we do not have a system that shows me which aspects of a trip were great and which aspects of a vacation product were not so great. I use the sales figures to roughly determine vacation trips to offer again. Sometimes this rough estimate works while at other times it does not work. It would be great if we could learn about “hot” vacation trips earlier than our competitors do. Could we use attributes of customers to predict tours that they will like?”. The Airport Stores (Airhops) and Operations Eagle Tours currently has 4 stores in 2 major metro areas. It has raised significant capital to open 10 new airhops in five major US metro areas in the next 3 years. As part of his strategy, the CEO of Eagle wants

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