Misreading Scripture With Western Eyes

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While reading the novel “Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes” one might’ve found the same following points and given a summary about the misreading’s and hidden points in the bible. “Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes” gives the reader well enlightened concepts to the bible that before might have been obscured, but now have been broken down into terms that people from the western part of the world can comprehend “such as ice bergs.” The author uses many a resemblances to the bible and how other supportive countries of our world see it inversely. The author uses these metaphors to build an understanding for the reader so that they can make comparisons themselves. The author uses the metaphor about the iceberg to assemble the book into three different sections. The tip (being the part of the world that we all see and have come to recognize misconceptions. below the surface (the part of which only certain liberally and religiously educated beings notice, and the massive section of the iceberg that is completely unseen to people. In the beginning chapter the author speaks frequently of moral values that society in the past saw and assumed was correct because they were the first to know the meaning. Moving forward through-out the chapter however the author explains that since the bible was written throughout a different period and setting, we people of the future have come to twist and misread these moral values. The next piece of the novel discusses on how society

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