Misrepresentation Of Asian Americans In The Entertainment Media

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The entertainment media has been notorious for its lack of racial diversity when it comes to casting multiracial actors and actresses, specifically Asian Americans. There has even been laws that prevent racial diversity in films. In 1930, Hollywood adopted the Motion Picture Production Code, also known as the Hays Code, which prohibited miscegenation, or multiracial relationships. This was the culture back then, laws considered interracial marriage was presumably an illegal act in 30 states (Mondello). The Hays Code limited productions to include racial diversity, often creating segregation of races in the media. Even when minorities were casted, they were often supporting characters. One groundbreaking moment was when Anna May Wong, who is considered to be the first Asian American Hollywood actress, began her acting career. It was the beginning of Asian representation in the entertainment media, but even then, there were some issues with how they were portrayed. Wong often played stereotypical deceitful dragon lady or “oriental sexpot” (Morey). These misrepresentation of Asian Americans begin to allude negative impressions on Asian American youths. The initial issue is that there is not enough representation of Asian Americans in the media. News media, TV shows, movies consists of predominantly white broadcasters and actors. University of California, Los Angeles, reported that Asian characters made up of “3%-4% of roles in scripted broadcast and cable shows in the 2014-15
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