Miss Drilly: A Fictional Narrative

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‘I came over to make sure you got back okay,’ she said. ‘I was worried.’ ‘No need to worry about me,’ he said, acting all weird. ‘But Miss Lilly, what on earth happened to you?’ ‘I got back fine. I got to the airport and a girlfriend came and got me…I didn’t party. I’ve just been chilling out.’ ‘That’s not what I mean.’ Then she had glanced down and seen her flip-flops. Bobby hated flip-flops. He said they made young ladies look like ducks. And she put her hand to her hair. It had been in a braid before it got wet and had dried on the way over. As if someone had just held a mirror up for her, she saw what he saw, this raggedy beach bum. She probably had a red nose too. ‘I was at the beach...’ ‘Uh huh.’ ‘Can I come in?’ ‘I was about to take a nap.’…show more content…
‘And when I get back, I’ll give you some spending money…I know I owe you a little something from the last job.’ And she hadn’t been suspicious because he said he was going to get her a new ID. The print was wearing off on hers and he’d been saying forever, he was going to get her another one. She handed it over, thinking maybe he was going to the Bahamas and told him to call her. And that was all there was to it. Lilly glanced down the row of cars all parked up under the trees. A chill moved through her. She brought her knees up to her chest, pressed her thighs against her rib cage and let her head sink down. She needed to find a place to stay. She needed somewhere to sleep and she needed to be able to get ready tomorrow to make sure Bobby saw her looking hot again. Because he would kick himself once he saw her all made-up in a nice dress and nice shoes. He’d feel pretty dumb for avoiding her this last year over a stupid pair of flip-flops. But how was she going to be that girl who turned his head if she spent tonight sleeping rough? Lilly closed her eyes and tried not to let it upset her. Puffed up eyes was the last thing she
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