Miss Ever's Boys Film critique Essay

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Bioethical Issues: Miss Evers' Boys
Miss Ever’s Boys is a docudrama film that was produced by the HBO cable network. The movie explores ethical and social issues involved in the infamous Tuskegee Study. The study was about untreated black men with syphilis. The U.S. Public Health Service is said to have conducted a study among 600 black Americans from the years 1932 to 1972. This study was done in Macon County. This paper will exclusively explore the critique the Miss Ever’s Boys film using ethical frameworks. The ethical framework includes beneficence, justice, and respect for persons, duty-based ethics, virtue-based ethics, and the right’s-based ethics. The paper will identify how the above listed ethical principles were
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In the movie, “Miss Ever’s Boys”, only blacks were included in the study. The study recruited 600 black men and none white person. To start with, this was discrimination of the highest order. This means that only the black men were at the risk of dying, considering that they treated them with placebos. This means that only the black men's lives were endangered while the bioethics requires that the risk to be distributed equally (B. Miss Evers Boys and the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, 2013).
Respect for persons means that people have a right to fully exercise their autonomy. Here, people need to be given a chance to make their own choices. In the film, Miss Ever’s Boys, it is clear that the participants were not respected at all. The first show of disrespect was when the U.S. Public Health Service decided to conduct a study and lie to the participants that they were going to offer them cure to syphilis. The second disrespect shown was the discrimination in the study where only the blacks were selected. Lastly, the U.S. Public Health Service disrespected the participants knowing that it was dangerous. Therefore, the respect for person ethical principle was not meet in the movie “Miss Ever’s Boys”.
Duty-based ethics are based on duty or obligation. Kant argues that there are higher principles that are good in no matter the time, situation, or culture. Therefore, when faced with
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