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15 Understand mental health problems (CMH 302) Assessment of this unit This unit introduces the main forms of mental health problems. You will be expected to know the strengths and limitations of the main psychiatric classifications systems and have a working knowledge of alternative frameworks for understanding mental distress. The unit also looks at the ways that mental health problems affect the individual and others in their social network, and considers the benefits of early intervention in promoting mental health and wellbeing. You will need to: ▶ know the main forms of mental illness ▶ consider the impact of mental ill health on individuals and others in their social network. The assessment of this unit is entirely…show more content…
Mental illness can affect the individual’s relationships, their work, and their quality of life. Having a mental illness is difficult, not only for the person concerned, but also for their family and friends. Mental disorders can affect anyone of any age. Reflect Reflect on the way you currently think about ‘mental illness’. How is a ‘mentally ill’ person different to a, mentally well, person? What are ‘mental health’ and ‘mental illness’? Mental illness is very common. According to MIND (2009), a mental health charity, about one in four people in Britain will receive this diagnosis at some point in their life. At any one time up to one in six people have a mental health problem (Department for Health, 2011). Despite this, there is a great deal of controversy about what ‘mental illness’ is, what causes it, and how people can be helped to recover from it. People who are experiencing mental or emotional distress are often very reluctant to see their experiences as ‘mental illness’ and
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