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Unit 29: Assignment Explain the contribution of complementary psychological theories to the understanding of two specific behaviours Case study -Addiction Ben is a 22 year old and works as a photographer. He drinks a lot and goes to parties every single weekend with his friends. Ben has also started using heroin and became addicted to it while trying it out because of his friends. He grew up with his mum and had tough childhood as his mum is a single mum and also was addicted to alcohol. He grew up being exposed to alcohol ever since he was a child and he thinks that drinking alcohol excessively is normal. However, Ben got to the point that he no longer can live without alcohol and heroin and it started to affect his job and…show more content…
Feeling of high is reinforcing because of the feeling of pleasure from it. Ben may have experienced of high from the use of alcohol and drugs that he was taking. He may have become addicted to alcohol and drugs due to the feeling of pleasure that he felt from using these and ended up becoming addicted to it. Personally I do agree with the explanations given by all the perspectives of the cause of depression and addiction. This is because they give reasonable explanations for the cause of the behaviour of depression and addiction. Both these behaviours have similarities and differences and there are useful treatments for the both of these behaviours that links with each perspectives. There could be other reasons and explanation for the cause of behaviours such as depression and addiction. For example, the causes of depression could be due to worries such as unemployment, bereavement, financial difficulties, relationship breakdown, seasonal affective disorder, smoking, thyroid disease, sleep deprivation and postnatal depression after giving birth. (Murray, ND) Other reasons for the causes of addiction to drugs could be due to mental health disorders such as ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorders; you could be more likely to be dependent on drugs. The other reasons as to why Ben become addicted to drugs and alcohol could be due to lack of bond with his mother and lack of supervisions and this
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