Miss Faulkner's The Brave Easter Bunny

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The Brave Easter Bunny Once upon a time there was a unicorn named Miss FesebelleBesebelle who was put in jail after eating the waffle guards at candy castle. Jelly Bean Jeorge put her in jail but he is retired now. Miss FesebelleBesebelle knew there would be a day she got put out. She was so tired of being in that jail, but as she was in there, she would take hours and hours thinking and thinking how to escape and what to do when she was out. Then, all of a sudden a light bulb went over her head. “Tell the king,” called the guard, “the unicorn has escaped.” “I’m on it,” he shouted, “come on, pick up, pick up.” “Hello,” said the king. “Hello, this is the guard at the secured facility, the unicorn has broke out.....”
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