Miss Havisham And Mr. Jaggers In Charles DickensGreat Expectations

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In Chapter 49 of Charles Dickens novel, Great Expectations, Mr. Jaggers gives Pip a note from Miss Havisham asking him to meet with her at the Savit House. The visit ended tragically. Miss Havisham tried to hang herself from a ceiling beam but her gown caught fire from the hearth. Pip witnessed it while walking the grounds, and was able to save her by reducing the flames with his outer clothing. Her condition was serious. The fire and the entire visit brings about life changes for both Miss Havisham and Pip. {{Address the prompt directly in the last sentence of the introduction paragraph with 3 main points, this will become your thesis statement. What symbolic purpose does the fire serve?}}

Dickens shares an event that creates changes in two characters… Pip and Miss Havisham had unfinished events in their lives that needed to be resolved. He used this event to bring some closure for them. Dickens clearly wrote about how much Estella meant to Pip. Where was she? Did she marry? Is she being mistreated? Miss Havisham was suffering from guilt about how she handled the Pip/ Estella relationship as well as from her own broken dreams of marriage. She was filled with guilt. She says, “I want to pursue that subject you mentioned when you were last here, and to show you that I am not all stone. But perhaps you can never believe, now, that there is anything human in my heart?” She also agreed to help Pip with his financial problem, begged his forgiveness and answered his
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