Miss Jean Brodie Research Paper

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I don’t work at Marcia Blaine, and I’m not a teacher but one thing I do have in common with Miss Jean Brodie is I have my own little ‘Jenna Douglas’ set. Similar to the girls in the ‘Brodie set’, we look alike on the outside but on the inside we stand out from each other for having different strengths. When I look into the mirror I see an average teenage girl staring back at me who likes to spend her money on makeup and prefers to spend time with her friends over anything else. Due to being born into the social generation, I’ve become so used to being with a friend or my group of friends that when I’m without their company, I feel lonely. Especially since my family doesn’t spend a lot of time together I look forward to the moments when I’m surrounded by my friends. On my own I lack confidence but when I’m with others I can be so loud and in your face. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that humans naturally feel safer when in numbers or maybe it’s because I’ve become slightly dependent on my girls. My confidence reaches its all-time high when I’m amongst people I feel most comfortable with; I can act myself around them. Even if I’m alone for a space of time in public I suddenly become very self-conscious. I begin to…show more content…
The number of followers you have on ‘Instagram’ can be taken as how popular or unpopular you are and the number of likes you get on ‘Facebook’ can be taken as how many people like you, this is a completely unrealistic method of judgement. Another issue with social media is younger people have the tendency to rely on it to socialise; instead of physically going out and talking to people face to face, they are communicating through a screen. I use social media on a daily basis and it’s helped me keep in touch with people I can’t see often as well as allowing me to get closer to those I am with often. The way I see it is the media creates strong long lasting friendships as well as temporary fake
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