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Marketing Management & strategy | Animee Beer – A Lager for Ladies | Contents Mission Statement A Dedication to Innovation “As a brewing company in love with beer, we’re always looking for ways to challenge the expected and bring something new and exciting to our drinkers” A Business Built On Responsible Practices “We are about the communities and the places where we brew and market our beers, just like you do. We believe in integrity, respect and accountability have to be part of everything we do, everywhere we do it or it’s not worth doing, that’s how we do business and it won’t change.” Getting to the “Coors” of business Molson Coors was first established when The Coors Brewing Company and The Molson Coors…show more content…
The UK population is ageing noticeably, with only slow growth predicted in the adult population. Source: Office for National Statistics/GAD/Mintel The UK population is ageing, with an expected 11% increase in the number of retirees by 2017, posing a challenge for beer, as consumers reduce drinking as they get older, often on health grounds. This is reflected in the consumer data for this report, with usage of lager dropping off dramatically among over-55s, while usage of stout/ales, drinks which have a strong heritage in the UK and appeal to older drinkers, falls slightly behind average. As the most likely group to drink lager (67% in home and 59% out of home) and joint highest for stouts/ales in home (28%), 25-34-year-olds are likely to emerge as the most important group for beer brands to appeal to in the coming years. Another
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