Missile Defense Systems : Risks And Benefits

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Missile Defense Systems: Risks and Benefits
November 5, 2015
Jiung Choi
The missile defense system (MDS) provides a sort of protective shield against any possible missile attacks. Our generation is living in a world where a mass destruction is unavoidable. Technology has gotten overly advanced that a single nuclear missile could destroy a small nation and instantly kill millions of people. Therefore, missile defense system could play an important role in limiting damage and casualties since it could destroy a missile before it causes any harm. Even though there are significant reasons for developing missile defense system, this is still an area of controversy. This essay will give background information on the technology, potential risks, and potential benefits on developing MDS.
The history of missile defense system goes back to World War II when the Nazi’s started developing ballistic missiles and long range rockets. Allied forces were unable to defend themselves against these high speed missiles that were launched from over 100 miles away, leaving troops unprotected. According to Roger Handberg , “during the war, London and Antwerp were heavily bombarded, the first cities to suffer ballistic missile attacks against which there exited no defense once successfully launched [1].” Unfortunately, U.S. spent billions of dollars on aircrafts and other technologies because they did not see the ballistic missiles as a potential threat. They figured that
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