Missing Children

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INTRODUCTION Over the years our country, Malaysia has been bombarded with abundance of missing children/ children abduction cases. A statistic released by police of Malaysia, stated that a total of 3223 children below 18 went missing between 2008 and April last year (2012). Of this figure, only about 1000 cases were solved. From the statistic, it’s clearly shown that, over 3223 cases reported 2223 cases still unsolved. The questions are, how does it happen? Who should be blamed? What the impact of this scenario? And what are the best ways to prevent children from missing? Thus, in this essay, the priority will be given to the causes, the effects and some suggestions to overcome missing children cases. THE CAUSES OF MISSING…show more content…
| Figure 2 : Section 33 of the Child Act 2001 The Missing Children Life And Safety Are Not Guaranteed. In some cases, not all missing children reported that they are running away from home. It is because they might be missing due to the kidnap. Those children who are kidnaped by the criminals might live in a dangerous and awful life. Some of them are kidnaped to be slaves of criminals; helping the criminals to find money just like what is happening in our countries. These children are forced to become beggars and ask donation from the public. In some other cases, we may find out that those children are forced to become prostitutes. This happens mostly in Middle Eastern Countries. The world we live in is no stranger to one of the biggest reasons many of our children disappear without a trace. Many children are abducted and sold for body parts throughout the United States, Central America, South America and Europe. The Internet has become one of the greatest sources of business and the organized underground business is one of the most successful businesses anywhere in the world. Can you imagine having the need of life and searching the Internet and finding a broker who can find you the organ of your choice? Here in the U.S.A., in Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, anywhere in Central, North and South America, anywhere for a price you can pay for and get the organ
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