Missing Person-Peter Leung Essay

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Missing Person-Peter Leung - Case Study #2 Excel Consulting, a globally recognized provider of management and technology services and solutions, has offices in over twenty countries including Toronto, Canada. Excel Consulting earned its’ good reputation by delivering innovative solutions to clients and by providing “exceptional” client service. Their organizational structure was designed to promote teamwork and a collaborative work environment. To foster employee satisfaction, Excel Consulting conducted routine satisfaction surveys and instituted corporate policies to ensure a proper work-life balance (i.e. flexible working hours, assigning professionals to offices in their home city to reduce travel time). Although partners and…show more content…
Observations * Aside from the short weekly meetings he had no informal contact or communication with his team (either individually or as a group). He did not attend the after work social gatherings. He neglected to notice that Peter was not socially engaged with his colleagues or motivated to complete his role in the testing phase of the project. If Mark had identified Peter’s personality and spoken with him one-on-one Peter may have felt comfortable disclosing his personal and professional needs and goals. * Peter Leung did not offer any information to Mark or his fellow team mates regarding his need for “time-off” from work. Peter did not request time off or flex time. * Melissa and Peter’s team mates assumed he had requested and been granted the time off and did not question his absenteeism until it became a critical issue. * Mark, Melissa and the other development team members did not have easy access to Peter’s contact information because when he went “missing” they had only mentioned they didn’t know where he was or how to reach him. In conclusion, Peter Leung was “absent” because he completed his main project assignments and when the work slowed down he was unmotivated to continue at full capacity. In my opinion, Mark Armstrong was also literally and figuratively absent from his responsibility to manage, monitor, and direct the stakeholder to complete the project. He forgot to lead by example and failed to fully
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