Mission. According To Pets Alive (2016), The Mission Of

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Mission According to Pets Alive (2016), the mission of Pets Alive is to reduce the number of cats and dogs that undergo euthanasia. Pets Alive plans to do this by offering spay and neuter services that are very affordable. While this is their main mission, Pets Alive (2016), indicates that the organization also strives to improve the overall health and well-being of cats and dogs. To accomplish this, they have partnered with the animal welfare community. This partnership will allow them to provide both life-saving programs and solutions to the problem of overpopulation (Pets Alive, 2016). History According to “Pets Alive”, in April of 2002, Katrina Sturgeon read a newspaper article that stated that around 70% of the animals brought to the…show more content…
About a year later, the Pets Alive organization decided that they wanted to reduce the number of unwanted pets that entered animal shelters, which led to the opening of the first spay/neuter clinic in Bloomington (“Pets Alive”, n.d.). In 2010, the organization decided to expand its services to also offer low-cost vaccinations, preventatives, nail trims, and other basic health services in its Wellness Clinic (“Pets Alive”, n.d.). Pets Alive currently works with 22 transport partners and animal shelters, allowing them to serve nearly a quarter of Indiana (“Pets Alive”, n.d.). Executive Director The executive director of Pets Alive is Melissa Lewis. Melissa attended the University of Southern Indiana where she earned a degree in Business Administration and Accounting (Pets Alive, 2016). According to “Pets Alive”, her career began at the White River Humane Society, where she was able to establish multiple spay and neuter programs. Melissa left the White River Humane Society and accepted a job at Pets Alive, where she was able to fulfill her dream of helping a larger population of pets (“Pets Alive”, n.d.). How to Donate The Pets Alive organization makes it very easy to donate. On their website, once you click the menu button, a big orange “Donate” button appears that takes you to their donation page. The Problem Prior to Pets Alive being established, “more than 110,000 homeless pets were being killed

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