Mission And Daily Operations Management

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Franziska M. Ives
Liberty University
BUSI 650 Operations Management
Hampton, VA
8 May 2015

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Abstract (150-250 words)

The mission and daily operations in the healthcare industry varies from department to department. It is critical for employers and managers to learn and implement key components of the operational management to increase productivity, which in turn will yield greater results. Operations management is a vital component to the success of an organization. Managers must focus on identifying the weak areas of an organization and implement the most current strategic approaches, determine what business model works best within a department, place an emphasis on theories that motivate workers to met organizational goals, and the ensure the best practices are being used in the firm to produce optimal results. Operation management techniques are used to improve, increase and develop continuous development models that increase the productivity organizational growth. Models and ideals are used to help managers decide how to best utilize the labor pool, to perform tasks and patient treatments, logistic movement and IT support functions. This paper will examine how the principles of benchmarking, theory of constraints, six sigma, quality function deployment, business process reengineering, supply chain management, capacity scheduling and location planning, work
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