Mission And Vision Statement Of Lean Business Plan

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Lean is a store that specifies in high quality sporting equipment and active wear. This shop is located in the Avenues shopping centre on 114 Payneham Road. The store will create and spread brand loyalty by offering constant rotation and the latest high quality sporting equipment. Lean is a privately funded program, led by Charlie & Walt Vincent who aim to spread their passion of sport and offer quality advise.

Mission & Vision Statement
Mission - to provide customers, who enjoy engaging in sporting and fitness activities, high quality sporting equipment.
Vision - is to offer a range of different products and compete with high end brands.

The main goal of this business is to build a brand that consumers can rely on for high
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Lean has identified and researched the surrounding competition. This is a crucial area to help establish and continue to run the business.

Industry Research
The global sporting industry is growing each year, as the current trend of health and fitness continues to grow, due to high youth obesity rates (Figure 4). Lean seeks to capitalise on the growing industry and build a brand. The figure below demonstrates the growth and sporting trend.

The Sports sector is made up with a variety of groups and largely driven by the widespread trend of health and fitness. This recent trend has derived from increase obesity rate, as the figure below shows obesity increasing.

Demographic Of Local Area
Demographics can be used for any business and help an organisation target its consumers more accurately. The market segmentation is split up into age, race, gender, family size, ethnicity, income, and education. The table below shows the demographics of the local area against Australia.

The diagram below then, further illustrates the mean ages and its importance in determining a target market.

Avenues Shopping Centre Analysis
Lean would be an appropriate store to add, as there is no evidence of another sports store. Surveys have confirmed a sports store is a shop people are willing to visit. See appendices 1 for full survey.

Figure 7, below highlights a niche and a gap for a high end sports store in the Avenues mall.

Marketing Strategies
Online presence: Lean wants to

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