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United States Army Adjutant General School Mission Command Essay The Battle of Dong Ap Bia: Hamburger Hill LTC Weldon Honeycutt CPT Shamika Hill Adjutant General Captain Career Course 003-16 June 30, 2016 For ten long days, American and South Vietnamese Army troops fought alongside each other to gain control of Dong Ap Bia, Hill 937. Their mission was to search and destroy the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) and the Viet Chong (VC), believed to have grouped in the A Shau Valley area. The battle now known as Hamburger Hill begun May 10, 1969 and is recognized as one of the last major encounter between the Americans and the NVA. Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Weldon Honeycutt, commander of the 3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment…show more content…
He understood this and still “underestimated AP Bia Mountain and the NVA facing him.” LTC Honeycutt relied on map reconnaissance and helicopter overflights to determine his scheme of maneuver. He thought he understood the terrain, and the enemy from this intelligence and proceeded to send troops up the hill for a frontal attack. After three days of assaults against Bravo and Charlie companies of 3-187th, it became clear to LTC Honeycutt that the enemy was stronger than originally anticipated and that the terrain was very hard to maneuver. LTC Honeycutt continuously assessed the situation at every turn of the war. He knew that the enemy wanted to fight and he was more than happy to oblige. Members of the 3-187th located some documents from the enemy and determined it was the 29th NVA, which signified that they were up against a sizeable enemy force. After a heavy firefight on the fourth day, Honeycutt was able to assess that the enemy strength was more than just a company. He concluded the enemy strength size was a battalion. His assessment required him to develop new frontal attack plans. The companies were able to advance up the hill but they suffered multiple casualties which resulted in them pulling back to their previous night defensive positions. The 3-187th lost ground, troops, and the motivation to

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