Mission Elements Of Mission Command Essay

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Reflection of Mission Command
Mission Command is one of the foundations of Unified Land Operations that uses a philosophy, a methodology executed throughout the authority and direction of the commander using mission command warfighting functions that incorporated mutually supported task that is enable by a mission command systems.
This paper will provide my reflection about mission command, and how I will incorporate principles of mission command such as build cohesive teams through mutual trust, create share understanding, provide guidance of Commander’s intent which will inspire self-discipline, produce mission order, accept prudent risk, and exercise discipline initiative in my philosophy in future assignments as a Sergeant Major.
Build Cohesive Team/s What better way to motivated troops, what better way to get cooperation, mutual respect, and sense of pride than creating cohesive teams. As their Senior Enlisted Advisor, I need to consider a key ingredient that it is essential to have a good cohesive team and that is trust. Without trust, anything else related to mission command or look for cooperation to support the commander’s intent will be irrelevant. To earn the troops’ trust I must realize that everybody is human and it is ok to make mistakes, and that is how we grow and learn, I must give all the troops the tools to succeed, and to understand that there will be challenges and blockages that might prevent to meet the Commander’s intent. By being a

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