Mission, Governance, And Financing

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Mission, Governance, and Financing Christus St. Elizabeth Outpatient Wound Care Clinic is primarily a community health agency that serves the Beaumont and Southeast Texas area. Its mission statement is “to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ” (“Our Mission, Values, and Vision”, 2016). As a not-for-profit agency, Christus St. Elizabeth Wound Care Clinic works with numerous agencies to make a profound effect in the lives of patients and to promote a positive change in the community. A mixture of Third party payers such as insurance companies and government-sponsored programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, reimburse the agency for services. This agency also allows self-pay by clients if insurance or other measures are not available to them. Christus St. Elizabeth receives millions of dollars in both state and federal funding, such as Medicare and Medicaid and Workers Compensation. Other alternative sources of funding come from donations (“Consolidated Financial Statements and Supplementary Information”, 2016). Agency Services Services provided by Christus St. Elizabeth Wound Care Clinic include assessment and treatment options of wounds such as: Diabetic ulcers, Venous and Arterial ulcers, Burn and Trauma wounds, and several other types. The clinic offers a Hyperbaric Chamber to treat wounds that are approved by insurance companies. The agency assesses the needs of the population served by working closely with other facilities that refer their patients to the
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