Mission: Lost Snow

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My mission was simple. Find some lost scientist who left to do some research in the heart of Antarctica. I set out as quickly as I could; I was in a race with frostbite. All I had with me was my pack of dogs dragging a sleigh filled with rations and thermal blankets. The cold temperature was harsh, I could feel it snatching the heat from my body, the snow was blinding and traversed as far as the eye could see, everywhere I looked there was only white, as blinding as the sun. With the stomping and barking of my dogs as they ran through the deep snow jumping in and out showing absolute courage as they ran through the harsh winds whipping at their bodies. The further I traveled the less I seemed to have moved; everywhere you looked, it was all the same. Time moves fast, as night draws closer with every bark and howl, creeping up on us ready to strike. I set up camp for that night; fire illuminating the darkness like a guardian angel and the dogs all huddled around absorbing the warmth into their cold bodies. As I settled down for rest, I heard a crack. Not long after another larger cracking sound pierced my ear. The dogs could sense something was going on and started barking to warn me. The floor underneath my tent collapsed and I fell through surrounded by snow and no light, my guardian angel was lost, and with that so was my chance for survival. I hit a slope of the hill and rolled down until I hit the bottom hard and instantly had an eerie feeling like landing in some
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