Mission Statement : Adjustable Healthcare Facilities

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Mission Statement: Adjustable Healthcare Facilities A cancer treatment and research center in Houston medical area with multiple functions and adjustability to the market, clients and the developing of the urban will be designed. A series of standardized function modular units, including general and specific ones, will be designed and prefabricated. Unique details and materials will be used for quick industrial manufacture. Also, the site and the geometric layout of the project should be match the units and expansion in the future. It should be a sustainable, adjustable and effective project. Researches in Modular Construction & Healthcare Design. A Review of Literature In the past 15 years, modular constructions are widely used in all kinds of new buildings. Architects prefer the way of built and design because of the sustainable and economic performances. Also, it is an ideal way to improve the variability of a project significantly to adjust to the development of the urban and growth of the population. Texas has the best health care facilities and medical research institutes in the world and keep growing rapidly for decades. It should be a promising design practice to apply modular construction to design and build health care facilities for higher efficiency and sustainability. Although many researches had done in both filed of design, there are only a few attention on strategies to combine them together. Sustainability become a frequently discussed topic in
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