Mission Statement : An Affordable Price Point

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1. Mission Statement Our mission statement is simple, we keep the customer at our foundation. The customer expects comfort and support while still remaining durable all at an affordable price point. Our vision is to fit the needs of every lifestyle possible by marketing our product in every demographic and stocking the shelf 's of every major retailer. Here at TemperFit we also value the community we operate in and uphold our social responsibility by acting ethically and environmentally conscious. In the future we hope to expand our product line from shoes to more athletic apparel like shirts and pants using the same technology. 2. Customer Benefit Package We started this company in attempts to satisfy our shoe necessities. Our goal was to create a shoe that had the versatility to endure both the cold of winter and heat of summer. We focused on high quality materials and innovative technology to create a truly revolutionary product. Our company went through several prototypes testing different materials until we found the perfect match. More than anything we wanted to make sure our product fit the needs of both the professional athlete and the ordinary person. All of this while remaining affordable, fashionable, and comfortable. Development came from us having to use several different shoes depending on the weather. Our customers say they want durable, quality shoes that are fashionable, versatile, and above all else innovative. Our customer benefit package includes:

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