Mission Statement : Desert Dreams

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Desert dreams is in the business of casual dining, catering mainly to individuals or groups who are in transit to other events or activities. Besides formulating a marketing-oriented and customer focused mission statement, Desert Dreams should establish an objective to achieve profitability over the next two to five years. Over the space of five to ten years Cake should aim to expand into new stores in Sydney or Melbourne. During the infancy of the business the marketing plan, Cake should attempt to match internal strengths to external opportunities. In addition, they try to convert internal weaknesses into strengths and external threats into opportunities. The development of Cake’s marketing objectives is based on environmental analysis, SWOT analysis, the firm’s overall corporate objectives, and the organization’s resources. To accomplish His marketing objectives, Cake should develop benchmarks to measure progress. Regular reviews of these objectives will provide feedback and possible corrective actions on a timely basis. The major marketing objective is to gain a greater market share, diversify products and services and by 2025 open a new store in a new market. TARGET MARKET The target markets for frozen yogurt brands focuses mainly on three groups: young adults, health conscious parents, and Individuals who are health conscious but still enjoy café like deserts. Primary Target Market: Young People 15-25 Cake’s primary market will be young people, late teens and 20
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