Mission Statement For Sudam Engineering Industry

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1. Business Information

a. Business name: M/s. Sudam Engineering & Industrial Services, Ballary, Karnataka.
b. Business type: Partnership operated by a strong Management team
c. Year of Establishment: 2015
d. Business Concerns :
• Plant Operations & Maintenance
• Plant Erection and commissioning
• Mechanical Fabrication, Pipeline and Hydrant system Erection
• Civil Maintenance , Constructions and Infrastructures
• Fire Safety and Environment Services
• Stores Management, Material Handling and Housekeeping
• Manpower Supply: Skilled / Semi Skilled / Unskilled

2. Company Introduction

Sudam Engineering and Industry services, exhibits proven quality and timely delivery of projects that are executed with cost efficiency and Safety conscious
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Vision statement
We strive to demonstrate professional and standard Engineering and Industrial services that will sculpt Sudam Engineering and Industry services among the leading Engineering and Industrial services of the country.

b. Mission statement
Sudam Engineering and Industry services focuses on characterized solutions to handle projects despite the location and challenges of the plant by confronting with bench mark practices within the given time frame across the country.
c. Values
Complete any kind of project with quality and punctuality.
5. Business Abstract
a. Business
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The Promoters Sudam Engineering and Industry services have been part of a leading structural steel fabricators & erectors, manpower suppliers of Karnataka.
Team Sudam Engineering and Industry services are associated together to form a standard Engineering and Industry services organization for delivering competent projects with in the set time frame.
b. Services
• Plant Operations & Maintenance
Sudam practices unique blend of experience and technical knowledge based on the scope of the plant operations and maintenance requirement to maximize availability, profitability and safety performance. Our filed experience and proficiency will assist you in procuring energy products and services along with premier advanced technology, and critically defense contracts. We are known for high-quality deliverance, dependable products and on-time, reliable service.

• Plant Erection and commissioning
Sudam Erection and commission include erection, testing and commissioning of boilers, turbines and generators (ETC-BTG) and balance of plant (BOP). We work for the power sector along with allied industries including petrochemicals, steel and

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