Mission Statement Of An Organization

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Missions: can be defined as a brief statement which describes or states the purpose of an organisation and declares the reason for the company’s existence. It supplies the framework and the context to help which help to direct the company’s strategies and actions by constituting the all the goals of the business and it also helps to guide the decisions which are made inside the company and defines clearly the company’s mission to the customers, the suppliers and to the community at large (Fallon, 2015 ). For example the mission statement of an organisation like NEXT PLC is to provide an exciting, beautifully designed, excellent quality clothing and home-ware to their customers. Vision: ‘defines and describes the future situation that a …show more content…

For example the first goal of NHS is to ‘provide selfless safe services to the patient that is delivered in appropriate environments and also be sensitive to the needs of the individual patients (Our strategic goals). Core Competence: can be explained as ‘value of uniqueness’ that is when a business has something that customers uniquely value in their products or services which helps them to make good profits (Core Competence Analysis, © Mind Tools Ltd, 1996-2015. All rights reserved). Let’s use Cath Kidston who is known for her unique floral designs and polka dot as a typical example. 1.2: Review the issues involved in strategic planning. Here we are looking at issues that would hinder the planning of a business in case where someone is planning to open or start up a business. So we came to realise that one has to consider the issue of; finance, resources, staff, culture, information, not knowing the problems and constraints, timing or timing constraint and lack of focus/ownership. • Finance: the first thing one should consider before setting up a business is the issue of finance. Does the person really have enough finance to fund the length of his or her business project? If yes, he/she should continue, if not, he/she should either borrow money from the bank or look for government funded business grant. • Resource: is another

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