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I choose Morgan Stanley for this Mission statement assign, and the answer of “Did I found mission statement on their web site” is no, as the statement shows on http://www.missionstatements.com/investment_services_management_mission_statements.html as “Morgan Stanley's mission is to provide our clients with the finest financial thinking, products and execution. This means setting the highest standards for behaviors that embody our business principles.” But I found their web site as "At Morgan Stanley, diversity is an opportunity – for clients, employees and Firm. By valuing diverse perspectives, we can better serve our clients while we help employees achieve their professional objectives. A corporate culture that is open and inclusive is fundamental…show more content…
That’s already making impact there employee’s residential community, since they are increasing good ethical mind people in their neighbor.
Good ethical mind people will contribute the company profit, since the management will goes very smoothly, and good ethical mind people will influence their neighbor’s and their family, friends. That’s ideal positive cycle.
Also Morgan Stanley already made statement for diversity hiring, genderless assessment. And their charity work is very impressive in the world wide size. Their giving back way is also divertible, one of impressing giving back is supporting minority business startup supporting. They hold competition for business starter to give money prize but it’s also great opportunity to let investor knows there is new business to invest. And I’d like to share what I found, http://www.morganstanley.com/articles/powermoves-miami This is very smart way to contribute both minority founder and investor, as entrepreneur such successful idea to
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They have helped Morgan Stanley reach more than 1 million hours of service through the Firm’s dedicated Global Volunteer Month and additional volunteer efforts year-round. And, each year our employees come together and put forth their best thinking to help amplify the meaningful community impact of nonprofit partners through the Firm’s pro-bono Strategy Challenge initiative.”
So this company is showing mission statement by their action in many way. And they proving that they are not only promising, they actually doing

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