Mission Statements For Family Business

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“Family businesses are likely to use strategic ambiguity in their mission statements to allow for multiple interpretations of the same message by their stakeholders,” (Carmon, 2013). The author suggests that smaller organizations may use vague language in their mission statements for the purpose of allowing for more than one interpretation. According to Carmon, “Thirteen of the 14 mission statements made no direct reference to being a family business, perhaps encouraging non-family member employees to take an active role in the organizations,” (Carmon, 2013, p.4). The purpose of mission statement is to communicate the organization’s strategic plan and this would be key for smaller family owned businesses since they may not have the same recognition has larger organization. A family business would need to develop a mission statement that effectively states their purpose and action plan to accomplish that goal.
This essay will summarize the research report’s findings, offer a critique of those findings and how best to utilize mission statements for small family businesses. The author wrote the research paper to examine the relationship of vague terms used in mission statements for family businesses. The author’s method was to survey twenty larger family owned businesses with no specific industry concentration or controlling percentage, (Carmon, 2013). The author evaluated the data by first reading the mission statements and than categorizing each of the statement in the
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