Mission: To Scare Emi-Chan

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Mission: To Scare Emi-Chan - PART 1 Her eyes slightly widened at what was undoubtedly long pointed crannies. So I was right.. How fun! An amused smirk plastered itself on her face. "Why isn't your face constricted in fear? Why are you smirking at me?! Are you mocking me?!! You worthless mortal!!" The violet haired boy screamed at the girl. "Tsk tsk; don't yell. It's troublesome and besides why would I be scared of you? You are merely a vampire that needs blood to sustain life. Nothing more and nothing less" she ridiculed, enjoying seeing him seethe with anger. "Foolish girl; I would be scared of Teddy and I, we will-" but, she cut him off before he could finish. I wonder how far I can push him, until he becomes seriously mad. "Bite me? Suck my blood dry? Or use your fangs to open a can of beans? Kanato as much as you and Teddy try, you can never scare me". "Don't belittle Teddy; you have no right! And scaring you is an easy matter to accomplish, but firstly how about I partake blood from you?" He asked as though it was a question, when it clearly wasn't. He came closer to the girl, but before he could step closer to her neck, a silver dagger was placed right above his heart. "Oh is this confession of love? Didn't you know, if you kill a vampire it means that you love them. I thought that was common knowledge, right Teddy?" he said, with a mocking tone and as he finished off the sentence he looked at his beloved Teddybear. The girl dropped the dagger in shock and

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