Mission Trip : Part B

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Mission Trip: Part B Latin America is known for the low education rates. This is unfortunate because high percentages of the countries in this situation are children under 25. For example Peru has an overall population of 45.88% of children under 25, Brazil has 39.74%, and Guatemala peaks at 57.56%. Without solid education, this population will continue to live in poverty. While planning a mission trip, it is important to note what a country is truly in need of. All of these countries are needy. They need better farming, clean water, and more stable communities. But that all stems from a need of knowledge. They are most in need of education. Education age typically begins at around 5 (excluding what education is done in the home) and ends around 21. That is roughly 16 years of school. In these countries, 12 years is the average. This may not seem too bad but think of how many kids don’t even make it to school age or who have to work in the fields to help their families. On this mission trip, we would focus on educating kids and providing support. The mission of this trip is to work with a current ministry in Brazil to plan a Youth Camp. In this Youth Camp, leaders of the local church shouldn 't only spread the gospel. But in doing so plan religious events, provide places for people stay, provide tutoring, and a place to worship at all hours of the night as well. This would obviously have to happen in one city. Possible cities include Lima, Peru, Rio de…

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