Mission, Vision And Values

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Mission, Vision and Values The mission, vision, and values of a nonprofit organization are the foundation that the organization is built on. Worth (2012) states that “mission is everything to a nonprofit organization ­ it is the reason the organization exists, and it must be the starting point for its planning” (p. 172). It is important to clarify the mission in order to define the values and vision of the nonprofit. When it comes to vision statements, there are internal and external vision statements. The difference in the two types of vision statements are that the internal “focuses on the ideal future” and the external is “a picture of the ideal world that the organization is striving to shape” (Worth, 2012, p. 174). It is important to assess the situation in order to know which vision statement to use. The guiding principles of the organization are the values that it holds. The value are “those principles that the organization holds most important” (Worth, 2012, p. 174). Developing the mission, vision, and value statements will help with the future goals of the organization. Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide children a safe after school environment where they can engage in fun athletic activities as well as academic tutoring. Vision Statement: Our vision is to change the world one child at a time. Values Statement: We value community, education, relationships, excellence, authenticity, and are committed to empowering
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