Mission & Vision Statement

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Vision Statement Examples
Here are some vision statement examples which you can follow if you have no idea as to what a vision statement actually means. Also learn how to write a vision statement and how various companies and business people write their vision statements. Read on...

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Personal Vision Statement Examples
Personal vision statements usually deal with career, education, weight, or maybe with relationships. Sometimes it also deals with personal development such as to socialize more, to be less selfish, etc. Here are some personal vision statement examples which you can go through.

Example 1
January 2015, I am standing outside my new room at the Oxford University campus, UK, seeing who my room mate will be. Yes! It's Darla, my best friend since high school. We are staying together. I am jumping with joy! Oooooh! I am so happy.

Example 2
September 2010. I ranked first in class today. The entire class gave me a standing ovation. My parents are standing near the door, shedding tears of joy.

Now that you have got a hint as to what personal vision statement actually is all about, let us now see some corporate vision statement examples.

Corporate Vision Statement Examples
The vision statement of the corporate companies is quite different from personal vision statements. They deal more with targets of the entire company rather than with the individual targets. Their main achievements usually deals with whom they are going to take over, how much profit will they earn and so on. Here are some examples of vision statements of some corporate companies. Corporate Name | Vision Statement | Amazon | Our vision is to be earth's most customer
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