Mission & Vision Statements

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MISSION & VISION STATEMENTS FedEx & Google Mission & Vision Statement Analysis Prepared for Prepared by October, 2013 MISSION STATEMENT “Mission statement is a description of what an organization actually does – what its business is – and why it does it.” Often called the “credo”, “philosophy”, “core values” or “our aspirations”, organization’s mission is the statement that defines its core purpose or reason for being. It tells who a company is and what it does. According to P. Drucker, often called the father of modern management, a mission is the primary guidance in creating plans, strategies or making daily decisions. It is an important communication tool that conveys information about organization’s…show more content…
It mentions only one value, integrity, out of four values; ‘Citizenship’, ‘teamwork’, ‘excellence’ and ‘integrity’. Even though the company provides them separately, most important values should’ve been included in the statement as well. FedEx mission is customer-oriented, which means that it focuses on customers’ needs, unlike product-oriented missions that focus on what products and services to offer. In order to make better usage of their statement, FedEx should address more stakeholders in it and add some additional information about what markets it serves, if it uses the newest technology and how socially and environmentally responsible the company is. As for vision statement they should come up with something shorter and inspirational. It doesn’t mention its employees in it, which is clearly a minus. Other than that they give a clear vision of the future world and what will be valued. GOOGLE MISSION & VISION STATEMENTS 2013 Mission “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Vision “Google’s vision is to deliver relevant results across all data sources – the Internet, a user’s local computer, and the corporate network” Google’s mission is a poorly created statement. It does reveal firm’s core purpose, but doesn’t provide any information besides that. The statement doesn’t mention 7 components out of 9: customers, technology, concern for survival, philosophy,
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