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The mission, vision, and values contribute to an organization’s ability to reach its desired end state by clearly stating the fundamental principals that will guide the firm’s actions and defines a clear set of values that encourages staff to work towards accomplishing the desired end state. The Alameda County Community Food Bank was chosen for completing a strategic plan. This paper will discuss the strategic plan for the Alameda Community Food Bank, components of the strategic management process that will be analyzed, and how the outcomes will affect the leadership and culture of the organization.
The Alameda County Community Food Bank has been in existence helping people since 1985 and serves as the central
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Externally, leadership will have to assess the competition and address the need of their clients by planning how organizational activities will be conducted. In addition, commitment must be rallied amongst the organization and stakeholders to embrace change and implement strategies that allow the organization to be competitive. Stakeholders will be faced with decisions to accept or reject the new strategy.
Internally, organizational culture, a set of important assumptions that members of an organization share in common, should be established to provide meaning, direction, and a basis for action (Pearce & Robinson, 2004). The organization would benefit if leaders promote and identify key themes and dominant values within the organization to reinforce competitive advantage they seek to maintain and build (Pearce & Robinson, 2004).
The Alameda County Community Food Bank will have to instill an appropriate strategy-structure fit in order to effectively execute the new strategy. Organizational leadership plays a critical role in strategy implementation in attending to the details of everyday activities and delegation of responsibility. In addition to leadership responsibilities, the organizational culture of the firm must also be developed and managed to elicit the buy-in of all

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