Mission, Vision, and Goals of Kraft Foods

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MISSION VISION GOALS 7 Kraft Foods Mission, Vision, Goals Kraft Foods is one of the best known and most successful brands in United States history, and that history has recently included large expansions into international markets. One of the primary reasons that Kraft has been successful over the years is that they have been able to expand by buying popular brands and creating others that have tested well with consumers. Another reason for their success is that the company has maintained a relatively stable vision throughout its company history. However, there have been issues in recent years that have prompted major changes in the company. Kraft Foods is now a wholly US company name and the international business has been given a new one Mondelez. This change was prompted by a change in the overall goals of the company, and a need to become more profitable. This paper examines the mission, vision, values and goals of the company as a means to understand how it is positioned for the future. Mission It is true that many mission statements are simply a combination of the vision and values of the company, and Kraft Foods is offers no exception to this practice. However, it is possible to differentiate a succinct mission given a small amount of exploration on the company's website. Separating mission from goals is more difficult (since the SLP defines a mission as a company's business vision). The mission of Kraft Foods was recently made apparent. The company had been

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