Mission, Vision, and Values of San Joaquin County Healthcare Services Agency

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Hospital Mission, Vision, Values Statement: The mission, vision, and values statement of an organization are inspiring words that are selected by successful leaders in order to clearly and precisely communicate the direction of the organization. Through developing clear and concise mission, vision, and values statement, the organization and its leaders can powerfully express their intentions and motivate the employees towards the achievement and realization of the attractive and common vision and objectives. However, the mission statement, vision statements, and values statements accomplish distinct objectives in an organization. An organization's mission statement describes the purpose and primary objectives of the organization. The basic function of the mission statement is internal i.e. to describe the main measures of the organization's success. Due to its purpose to accomplish internal function, the main audience of the mission statement is the organization's leadership team and stockholders. On the contrary, the vision statement also defines the purpose of the organization though it does so in relation to the values of the organization instead of bottom line measures. Therefore, the vision statement communicates the purpose and values of the organization in order to give direction to employees and shapes the understanding of customers. For employees, vision statement provides direction regarding how they are expected to behave and encourages them to give the

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