Missionary Approaches to Evangelism

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Approaches to Evangelism Abstract This paper focuses on missionary approaches to evangelize to Muslims. It gives weight on the approaches in a Muslim populated area of Hausa in northern Nigeria. There are several perspectives looked at such as missionary going to the field area, missions organization working with the tribe and sending church laborers to work among the Muslims. Introduction Christians have used several different approaches to spread Christianity via the practice of evangelism. The idea of mission to Hausa land in northern Nigeria had been formulated long time ago. The high population growth rate in this Muslim region has deeply disturbed Christian organizations, leading them to devise new missionary approaches to Muslims (The Missionary Training Service, 2002). Approaches The first approach is contextualization. Missionaries fulfill this by going to a missionary field area as well as organization forums tow work with the local community. The missions are able to evangelize Hausa Muslims after identifying with their culture and life style. The missionaries study the Muslim culture, prejudices as well as classics (Kwashi, 2010). To identify with the Muslims, the missionaries renounce luxuries of the material world and adopting an ascetic way of life according to Islam requirements. This attracts Muslims to listen to the messages of the missionaries having the notion that they belong together. This would result in openness of the Muslim society with
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