Why Is The Cost Of Missionary Expansion Worth The Monetary Value?

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Missionary Expansion Through the Centuries

Submitted to Rawlings School of Divinity Professor Tae Jun Suk, PhD., in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion CHHI-510

Survey of the History of Christianity


James A. Vernon
October 16, 2016


Introduction 1

St. Patrick 1

John of Plano Carpini 4

Dr. J. Hudson Taylor 6

Conclusion 8

Bibliography 9


Missionary expansion throughout the centuries has taken a hard, often violent road. The expansion of Christianity begins with the adherents of Jesus Christ and ended with the premature demise of many of the disciples. In the centuries following the disciples, many missionaries were faced with percussion and death as the gospel was proclaimed. As missionary expansion occurs throughout the centuries, often times facing trial and difficulty, the question comes up; is the capital cost of missionary expansion worth the monetary value? This paper will highlight many trials that have been faced by three missionaries in particular and explain often by the words of these missionaries why the enormous cost of missionary expansion is worth the cost. The thesis of this paper is: everyone is called to preach the gospel; the calling of the missionary is called to live by faith even when facing difficulty.
St. Patrick of Ireland Celebrated globally as St. Patrick’s day every March 17th, very little is known about the real St.
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