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I am excited about working together with MissionU because I believe that the program of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence will propel me into a future of limitless opportunities.

To put in perspective what I was doing before:
I was attending a university pursuing medical school. I was a very shy girl who lived in the library. I didn’t have many friends. I did not like socializing. I came across a job opportunity that was in the field of marketing. I took that opportunity because I felt it would strengthen my people skills. I believed that as a doctor – you need the right communication skills to be effective in your career with patients, not just skills that make you look good on paper. While working, I made the decision to stop attending university. I was not pursuing the path of becoming a doctor for the right reasons. After that realization, the money up front required to complete the journey wasn’t worth it to me. I decided to focus on marketing to make money work more
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The field of data analytics and business intelligence excites me because it is a field where I can learn applicable “hard,” “technical” skills that are required to execute quality work.

I see the trajectory of my life going two ways with MissionU:

1) I take what I learn and become and indispensable part of an organization or company to help them grow and be a valuable team player.
2) I take what I learn and apply it to my own business and create an organization to impact the marketplace in my own ways.

My dream is to impact the world making positive changes wherever I can. I know I am smart enough and I know I have the work ethic. If I get accepted into the San Francisco January cohort, it will be one step toward realizing my dreams of contributing to the advancement of
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