Mississippi Army National Guard Leadership Development Plan

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Mississippi Army National Guard Leadership Development Plan When an organization wants to better and improve itself the leadership is the most important resource available. They are the rock of the organization and the engine that pulls the weight of the cars. In order for the organization to help grow a comprehensive leadership development plan must be established and used. A leader can make or break the organization as they are the ones that make things happen or let things fail. This paper will discuss how the Mississippi Army National Guard (MSARNG) can grow their leadership by creating a new leadership development plan using new strategies and objective. Leadership Development Plan The leadership development plan for the MSARNG is essential to help regain the organization’s success in areas that were neglected following many years of war. The plan will focus on using training processes to develop leadership skills in a variety of areas. The plan will focus on being, knowing and doing what it takes to become a better leader. In order to be effective the leader development plan must be deliberate, sequential and continuous (Department of the Army, 2013). The plan will be tied to the core values and objectives which start with the individual leader. The training will be implemented throughout the entire organization to ensure the leaders understand how to correct the gaps and issues identified. A good leader has vision, takes initiative, influences people,
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