Essay on Mississippi History and Its Influence

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In this paper I will inform you with a few of these events and topics such as the Civil war, slavery, as well as facts of the state. I hope my readers walk away with a new respect and outlook of Mississippi and learn how the past can affect the future, as well as the beauty.
The beautiful magnolia state Mississippi has so many events and prior history has effect the life it has today. The growing population of 2,967,297 as of 2010 is still in growing and learning from the past. They live by their motto “Valor and arms”. The state bird was just as remarkable as the state flower which is the Mockingbird which flies over all 82 counties. The reason they appointed this bird as the state bird is because it’s so beautiful and harmonious, but when it feels threatened it is very aggressive. Just like the state itself.
The name of the state was given by the natives, and means “fathers of waters”. Mississippi is the 20th state of the union and had the capitol of Natchez till 1822 when they changed it to Jackson. The religion was catholic but many protests began. In 1799 the three main religions became Baptist, Methodists, and Presbyterians.
During the 1800’s cotton became a huge resource in Mississippi that changed the lives of the Indians, white Americans, and the slaves. Since the Indians have been giving the land to the whites and they became distant from them, the whites had became the dominate owners of the cotton. Over time, they have had a huge sale of the once was…