Essay on Mississippi History and Its Influence

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In this paper I will inform you with a few of these events and topics such as the Civil war, slavery, as well as facts of the state. I hope my readers walk away with a new respect and outlook of Mississippi and learn how the past can affect the future, as well as the beauty.
The beautiful magnolia state Mississippi has so many events and prior history has effect the life it has today. The growing population of 2,967,297 as of 2010 is still in growing and learning from the past. They live by their motto “Valor and arms”. The state bird was just as remarkable as the state flower which is the Mockingbird which flies over all 82 counties. The reason they appointed this bird as the state bird is because it’s so beautiful and harmonious, but
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We have learned from the past and have great leaders, black and white.
The civil war was a major event in the history of Mississippi. The president during this time was Jefferson Davis during the years of 1861-1865. Mississippi was the second state to secede from the union. The view of the state was that it was necessity for the state to have slavery. So the white soldiers fought for the stand of keeping the slaves. Since they believed that the white citizens needed the slaves. Many of the battles were along the line of the Mississippi river. There were more than about 17,000 black men (Mississippi slaves) as well as freedmen that fought for the Union. There were 500 white men that fought for the Union as well. Many soldiers were upset when they realized that the war would be lost. In present time, it seemed that slavery was such a long time ago and long lost. What the people of Mississippi don’t realize the actual affect that it had. The men that were lost during the time period had wives and children that they left behind to start a new generation of what the fathers fought for. Too look at the past to the present time, Mississippi has come a long way with the respect for one another as well as the agriculture and economy needs of the residents. They often prefer to be called “Mississippians,” but they sure love were they came from and
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