Mississippi Problems

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Every state in a country has a lot of problems with everything. One example is Iran has to deal with Syria with trading issues, or war issues. Another country may have financial issues. The United States is a great example for financial issues because many congressmen are spending money left and right like no tomorrow. The United States has problems through the years of growing. A part of the United States, Mississippi has the number one problem that it has to deal with than any other state. That problem is obesity. The health departments should do something about obesity in the state of Mississippi. First, the problem about obesity in Mississippi is the fast food restaurants. Many people decide to eat fast food restaurants because he or she might not decide to cook, or maybe coming in late of a meeting of some sort. Another problem about obesity is the health problems that are stated among doctors. Doctors say many people could receive high blood pressure, headaches, and diabetes from eating too junk food all at one time. There are solutions to these problems as one can help other people to achieve those goals. One of the solutions health departments should do for obesity is have healthier food choices for schools.…show more content…
Fast food restaurants should allow everyone to have healthier food choices. On top of that, these restaurants should also allow lower costs of salad, fruits, and other healthier food choices. The results of eating fast food or eating junk food every day is anyone can have disease called hemophilia. One source says, “Haemophiliacs have been shown to have a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease, most likely attributable to the hypocoagulable state that results from the clotting factor deficiency” (Majumdar 4). Also, another problem with fast restaurants is manager are going to get angry and will not compromise with anybody that their
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